Behind every product there is a person.

Wednesday, November 11, 2021 - Carola Hoesch- Vial

When selecting our products, we attach great importance to manual work, products from family businesses, local production and production in social workshops. We select our suppliers with great care. Here we want to introduce you to two of these brands.



How accurate can I catapult? How long will the lightning-fast lindworm get? What is that funny beetle? What fantastic characters can we stamp today?

Play, research, discover. This is the motto of the NASEWEISS project of the Ostalb workshops, which stands for high-quality wooden toys for playing and experimenting.


Whether we create fairy-tale creatures and wild patterns with magic stamps, invent new games with the adventure catapult or inspect the exciting discoveries from the last walk in the forest in a magnifying glass - it never gets boring with the well thought-out toys from NASEWEISS.


Creativity, accuracy, dexterity, motor skills and concentration are all promoted in a playful way when trying out, tinkering and inventing with NASEWEISS products.

Naseweiss, Marmot with high-quality beech wood.


The Samaritan Foundation, a church foundation and member of the Diakonisches Werk Württemberg, is the sponsor of the NASEWEISS project. In the recognized workshop for people with disabilities, 500 employees, most of whom are mentally and psychologically ill, work under the guidance of experienced masters. This is how high-quality wooden toys that are well thought out down to the last detail are created, which contain courage, motivation and joie de vivre.


Because the world is a new discovery every day - for children, but also for people with disabilities and the employees of NASEWEISS.



When the colorful fabric garland is brought out, a festive feeling spreads immediately. Memories of beautiful past celebrations mix with pleasant anticipation of the upcoming celebration. Just like the poinsettia that decorates the top of the Christmas tree every year. We always ask: Who can put him on top this year? At the next birthday party, the question arises: Who is allowed to hang up the garland? Products like these give every celebration a very special atmosphere.


Be it a fabric garland or napkins made of organic cotton - with the unique products from the label Rincon Poupée from Berlin, small treasures enrich your home. And they bring their own story, which continues with you.


Celebration, organic cotton pennant chain, flag garland.

She begins with the idea of ​​an interplay of fabric, texture and color. Carefully selected, coordinated and processed with attention to detail, the result is a hand-sewn unique piece with a creative design. The credo "quality over quantity" is in every single part.

The result: Reusable and individual products made from organic cotton that offer an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable items and thus reduce the use and consumption of plastic. In addition, the textiles used are Ökotex and GOTS certified. Sustainable, harmless, unique.


And: With every purchase of a product from Rincon Poupée, you support a small business based in Berlin, where all products are designed and sewn.


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