Gift ideas from big to small

If you rarely see the children of your siblings or friends and you want to make them happy, what do you give them? Especially if you don't want to ask your parents again to get a nice surprise, you often face a big challenge. But: Kindological is there for you!

Ecological toy

Sustainable products are currently a mega trend and so are ecological toys. It should not be made of plastic, durable and harmless to health. These are exactly things that Kindologisch, as a sustainable online shop, is committed to. Whether toys for seven-year-olds or pedagogically valuable toys from the age of three - Kindolologische has something suitable ready. Sustainable, harmless, unique.

Handicrafts, games, research - with the sustainable range from Kindologisch

Become an artist with creative stamps and create fairytale creatures and wild patterns. Make a house or a train station. Invent new games. Make new discoveries while playing. This and much more is possible with the ecological products from our range. So there is no boredom!

From adventure catapults to magic stamps: ecological toys are important to us. We select it carefully and not only pay attention to sustainability, but of course also to fairness and quality.

For smaller, bigger, big

For smaller children from the age of three, we recommend sustainable products that are educationally valuable. Creativity, accuracy, dexterity, motor skills and concentration are encouraged in a playful way when trying things out, handicrafts and inventing.

Sustainable organic sports games promote movement and creativity and are suitable, for example, as toys for seven-year-olds, but also for young people and adults. They encourage physical activity and promote motor skills and coordination. For the quieter ones, the tension rises in construction games with endless possibilities.

Whether exercise or mental work: our range of ecological toys promotes concentration and helps to increase body awareness.

 If you have any questions or need advice, write to Kindologisch!


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